What we do

Lukkien is a creative agency for online media, photography, film, CGI, graphic design, audio and more. We are an agency that has a strategic and creative vision on cross-medial campaigns and online marketing. Lukkien can fulfil many roles but is always focussed on creating remarkable and effective work. With all facilities underneath one roof, we think outside of the box and creativity and technology truly work together. That is what Lukkien is all about.

  1. Digital
  2. Lukkien Casting
  3. Photography & Graphic Design
  4. Audiovisual
  5. Drone
  6. CGI
  7. Event location
  8. AR/VR
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Our Work

Our methods

From strategy to production. From app to billboard. Lukkien imagines, designs and builds conversion-driven solutions in which creativity and technology reinforce each-other. We think from a client perspective and map the entire customer journey. This is how we help our clients to provide the end-user with relevant and valuable content. To move people is our main goal.

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