Lukkien & agencies: 1+1=3


Advertising and digital agencies, media companies, creative hot shops & freelancers: we love ‘em all. And our ambition is to be the best and most efficient ally they can imagine. The dream partner. Not one of those ‘You call, we haul’ cookie cutter businesses, but a proactive ally, managing again and again to get better results for the same budget. Big or small: working with Lukkien means getting more than your money’s worth.


Do you have a cool idea? We’re eager to think it through with you. We’ll give you a hand with testing, trial runs and development. Whatever it takes to satisfy your customers and you. We’ve been that kind of partner for 45 years and we’re not stopping any time soon.


Challenge us: share your concept and conditions with us and we’ll help you search for the best possible outcome. No strings attached.

Toyota Flexdriving (with Etcetera)

Coolbest (with Etcetera) Kersthuis (with Etcetera and Born05) (with Etcetera)

Beter Bed (with BeyenMeyer)

Grolsch (with Goud Überconnected)

Verstegen (with Initiative)

Kwantum (with Canday)