Styling on the go

Styling op locatie

At Lukkien you will find thousands of props, hundreds of clothing items and complete make-up studio’s. Whenever we shoot on location we, naturally, don’t bring all these items along. Preparation is key when it comes to location shoots. For our client Eurail one location is not enough, for them we go on a real journey.

One of our stylists Daphne tells about her experience during this trip.

Day 1: a good start in Thun!

We start off at a wonderful location: Thun in Switzerland. With three Asian models we kick-off this production. The first ‘set’ is a boat trip and a short train ride to the top of a mountain with a great view from the platform. After we took the train to Milan where we arrived late at night, after quick bite it was of to bed!

Day 2: A great view in Milan and Rome

Busy, long days! With early mornings and late nights, today we go from Milan to Rome. The first shots were taken on the station of Milan from where we left of to Rome. There we go by all the well known places: the Spanish steps, the famous fountains and of course the Colosseum. Today we work with 6 models. It’s very warm so our make up artist is busy powdering all the warm and red faces!

Day 3: From Rome to Athens!

Go, go, go to the next location! We leave Italy behind and go to the great isles of Greece. It’s even hotter in Greece and today we are in Athens. Once again a great scene with loads of history. We feel like Greek gods and goddesses in this beautiful old town wandering through the streets.

Day 4: Beautiful Mykonos

The final day already! Today we end our trip in Mykonos. What a great location, it is so beautiful it is unreal. Despite being at work we truly enjoy all these places and beautiful towns. In Mykonos we have 1 long day to go: a ferry ride, the beach and the boulevard are our final sets. We end the day with a lovely dinner with all the crew members. It’s a wrap!

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