Working at Lukkien

Because of our all-inclusive communication service, we are continuously expanding.

Therefore we are always looking for the best talent! Check out our job openings and if one suits your profile, apply directly. Drop us a line and perhaps we’ll work together shortly. Even if you do not see a matching vacancy, we’d still like to hear from you. Send your motivation and resume via this link.

We are Lukkien!

With 225 creative professionals we develop remarkable off and online communication. The marcom solutions we create for our (inter)national clients are all made underneath one roof. Lukkien has professional studio's with high-end facilities and state-of-the-art technology. An all-in-one formula focused on creation and production. Innovative and remarkable. That is Lukkien. 

A unique work environment

Lukkien offers employees a modern work environment: design office facilities, high-end technology and gear and climate control. Every department and floor is equipped with a luxe coffee machine.


Relax you're at Lukkien!

During your break you can enjoy yourself by playing darts, pingpong, table football, a game of pool or just relax in our garden. If you want you can also work out in our own Lukkien Gym, after a quick shower you can get back to work. In our restaurant we serve a luxe lunch buffet with warm bread rolls, a salad bar, fresh fruit, snacks and much more. If you have to work late our chef will prepare a healthy and tasty dinner for you. Every friday afternoon we end our week with some drinks in our own Grand Cafe. A nice way to end your working week and getting to know your coworkers.

  1. Darts
  2. Pool
  3. Ping Pong
  4. Fitness
  5. Gaming
  6. Bar


Besides the well-known Christmas gift we also give out Easter gifts and 'Sinterklaas'-gifts. If its your birthday you will receive a gift from us. When Christmas comes around we all join together for a fantastic Christmas dinner and at the end of summer we have a nice barbecue. If we have something to celebrate, we celebrate together!

The shared values of a family business and a creative agency are what makes working at Lukkien so special.

Bouke Lukkien Jr., Executive Board Member

Personal growth

We believe it is important that our employees can work on personal growth. By working together and yearly evaluations we try to give our people the best fit possible. We offer an inspiring and interesting work environment with a variety of clients and projects.

Involved employees

At Lukkien we try our hardest to keep employees motivated. On average an employee stays with Lukkien for over 7 years. We encourage our employees continuously keep innovating, staying creative and keep aiming for top quality.

We also like to keep things transparent, to make sure everybody knows what is happening at the top. To us this is an important part of being a family business. We also ask our employees to actively participate in giving input for all of our communication channels. This applies to our internal narrowcasting system as for our online channels.

I've been working here for over 25 years and I keep learning from everybody around me. This makes every day interesting and challenging!

Will Pakaila, Photographer

FAQ’s terms of employment


As a fulltime employee of Lukkien you’ll have 25 days off per calendar-year.

Travel expenses

If you will be traveling via public transport, you will receive a NS Business Card for your commuter traffic. If you will be traveling by car, the compensation will be decided during the labour agreement negotiations.


If you are 21 or over, you automatically take part in the collective pension scheme of Lukkien at BeFrank. This will be adaptable to your personal situation and will apply after reaching the pensionable age.

Collective healthcare insurance

Lukkien offers the opportunity to take part in the collective healthcare insurance at PNO, a specialist in the media industry.

Development and education possibilities

A kitchenworker who becomes a photographer? A tape operator who becomes a producer? It all happened at Lukkien. Giving people opportunities to develop themselves lies at the core of our business. We like to be an anticipated team but sometimes someone just fits better in different position. When people have ambitions we love to give them the opportunity to grow.