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About Lukkien Casting

Lukkien Casting is Lukkien's own exclusive casting and modeling agency. We book models, actors and extra's of all ages, but also locations (houses, gardens etc.) and animals (particularly cats and dogs). 

Originally Lukkien Casting existed of people surrounding Lukkien in Ede for photography and video shoots. Eventually it evolved into one of the biggest casting agencies of Holland. Lukkien Casting works exclusively for Lukkien. This means that we only scout and cast for Lukkien productions. 

Interested in becoming a model?

Have you always dreamed of being in front of the camera, performing in a TV commercial or modelling for an advertisement? Or do you own a beautiful or exceptional house, which could be a perfect location for a film set? Or is your cat or dog not only very photogenic, but also very well trained?

Do not hesitate to register yourself, your house or your pet, free of charge and without any obligations. No experience necessary!

Go to and fill out our application form!