Asics: 15 years of collaboration

15 years of collaboration

Since over 15 years ASICS is a much appreciated client of Lukkien. We started working for ASICS Benelux and soon ASICS Europe and Global followed. The last couple of years, we provided them with all kinds of photography, audio visual and digital solutions.

Two times a year, we photograph their entire new collection of footwear, apparel and accessories. For ASICS  ASICS Tiger and Onitsuka Tiger as well. All these productions we perform in a high efficient way because all samples are available at the latest possible moment in order to have the most actual sample in place, but the GoToMarket meeting is planned already.

The footwear collection of about 800 samples, are shot in 7 different angles. These 5,600 images are processed within a period of 3 weeks maximum, including a client review session. These session are done in our online approval environment, an easy way to review imagery online, wherever you are. The apparel and accessory collection of approximately 1,500 samples is shot on model, flat presentation and on mannequin with an average of 4 angles. These 6,000 images are produced in a time period of about 3 months, due to the intense review sequences. 

After approval of all images, everything will be uploaded and tagged onto the Ascis BrandPortal which is build, developed and maintained by Lukkien. Smart connections with external systems ensure product related information will be embedded into all assets as meta-data. This gives the client the possibility to use this data for building, online in a browser or an APP, custom catalogues, even till a certified print ready pdf file. This environment is build and maintained by Lukkien as well. Because of the naming convention applies in photography and all embedded information, ASICS is able to use all data on their online e-comm platform. And not only that, our e-comm feeds are shared with other e-comm platforms such as Zalando.