Teisseire: A dash of French flair

A dash of French flair

For Britvic EMEA Limited, parent company of 7UP, Pepsi Max and Lipton, we produced several billboards for their brand Teisseire. On the billboards communicate the different fruit flavors of lemonade. Lukkien Casting provided the hand model. The billboards are being broadcasted on RTL (Dutch television channel).


With billboarding you place your product or service in the minds of the audience. The brand can benefit from the bond with the viewer, the context and popularity of a program. A billboard can be used in three different positions: at the beginning, the middle or at the end of a program.

About Teisseire

Teisseire isn’t just for chic Parisians or the sun worshipers of St Tropez. They want everyone to add a dash of French flair and bring a touch of joie de vivre to their lives. It’s an excuse to put down your phone, savor the moment and transform your drink into a little moment of pleasure in your day. A dash is all you need to transform your favorite drink into something spectacular. Add a little juicy blackberry flavor to a glass of water, a splash of caramel to your flat white, or give that cheeky mid-week cocktail a twist with a swirl of hazelnut.