Ahold Delhaize: Allerhande Christmas festival

Allerhande Christmas festival

Together with Albert Heijn, digital agency Lukkien gave a whole new meaning to the Allerhande Christmas Festival website.

In December, for the second time the Allerhande organises Christmas Festival. Lukkien developed the corresponding website. From concept, to web development. The entire project was realized in a short period of time.

Business and user objectives 

In the creation of the site, both business and user objectives are taken into account. The website visitor needed to become enthusiastic to buy a ticket for the Allerhande Christmas festival. Because we created the website based on the customer journey, we offer the right content at the right time. This has resulted in a responsive website with atmospherical images and videos, as well as practical information about the Christmas festival.

Ticket sales success

The ticket sales for Allerhande Christmas Festival 2016 received an enormous boost. Many visitors actually bought a ticket while they were on the website. Also, with the sit, conversion goals are measured, so it’s possible to target the content even more effectively in the future.

About Allerhande Christmas Festival

On December, 8. 10 and 11 The National Railroad Museum will be transformed into the Allerhande Christmas Festival. A festive family event that evolves entirely about food and drinks. With endless inspiration for Christmas dinner and delicious recipes, trends, tastings, workshops, live cooking sessions, entertainment and much more.