Bolsius: Aromatic Wax Melts

Aromatic Wax Melts

How can you experience scents through TV? Candle producer Bolsius, asked us to create a concept for their newest fragrance sensation Aromatic Wax Melts.

The candles of Bolsius create a real atmosphere in the house. Bolsius uses typically natural scents such as cranberry, magnolia, lavender and vanilla. 

To introduce the newest fragrance sensation of Bolsius, we have literally filmed the various smells of the Aromatic Wax Melts. Flowers, plants and berries as Lavender, Cranberries were filmed with a high speed camera in our in-house studio. This camera shoots 1500 frames per second. By using this technique, you see the scents of Aromatic Wax Melts in a pure way.

Bolsius has a rich history. For all seasons and special occasions Bolsius inspires with new colors, shapes and scents to give your home a new atmosphere. We photographed the various fragrances and related products of Bolsius.