Bart Smit: The big toy catalog

The big toy catalog

Each year, the big toy catalog falls on the doormat before the Christmas holidays. A catalog which is all about toys and the playful presentation through photography and graphic design.

Bart Smit could not have found a better partner than Lukkien. The combination of our years of experience in photography and Lukkien Casting’s expertise in casting representative models resulted in Bart Smit’s big toy catalog 2016. A visually appealing cross media production with tons of toys and fun! That is why the catalog with 152 pages is called rightfully the big toy catalog. 

Our photographers photographed all kinds of products for the different worlds of the toy catalog and optimised the selected photographs in close consultation with the customer.

Curious about the final result of Bart Smit’s big toy catalogue? View the online version here. Lukkien Audiovisual had the honour to produce the TV commercial for the big toy catalog of Bart Smit. 

Have fun creating your wishlists!