Burgers' Zoo: A day at the zoo

A day at the zoo

For Burgers' Zoo Lukkien developed a special concept to showcase their various 'worlds' in the new commercials. Fans could audition for a part in the new commercials by uploading their own audition tape.

Burgers' Zoo is well known for their various 'worlds' wherein they've recreated nature, such as the Safari, Bush, Ocean, Desert, Mangrove and Rimba. A unique and special experience for every visitor. These unique stories and experiences of visitors are told in the new commercials.

Lukkien developed the entire concept for these commercials. From the audition website until the live-casting and the production of the commercials. Ultimately Lukkien created three different versions of the commercial and additionally three break-bumpers.

The commercials show the various 'worlds' in the zoo. With real people and real stories of the caretakers, we take the viewer along into the world of Burgers' Zoo.

Hans Kok, Strategy Director

Check out the three commercials of Burgers' Rimba, Bush and Ocean!