Nutricia: Delicious bites

Delicious bites

Children have to discover every flavour. Sometimes your kid doesn't want to eat the food you've prepared for him. That is why Olvarit developed the recipe generator for Nutricia voor Jou. Here, parents can find delicious recipes that will help their child discover all sorts of flavours. Not only healthy and delicious for your child but also for you!

All recipes are presented in a fun and child friendly way. With bright colours and fun additions. A creative production for our food stylists and photographers.

The recipe generator itself is also created by Lukkien as a part of the Nutricia voor Jou project. This platform is especially developed to create a bond with the customer. To become a part of the special journey that parents and kids go through. Nutrition is a very important part in all of this.

When photographing food it is, of course, important that the dish is presented well. We also make sure that the image has enough space around the main subject. This way we can add a title or for example the recipe of the dish. Ready for any food magazine!