Mitsubishi: Digital influencing

Digital influencing

Mitsubishi Motors Europe asked Lukkien in 2013 to lay the basis for the European websites. Not an easy task considering different cultures and regulations. Besides the development of this platform Lukkien has been working for Mitsubishi Motors Corporate for almost ten years in the construction of a dedicated online service team for the European distributeurs of Mitsubishi Motors.

The art of influencing

To influence and seduce a customer isn't easy. Customers have become more picky, smarter and make a well-considered choice. They really want to get to know the product before they buy. Buying a car isn't any different, quite the opposite actually, the customer really takes their them when buying such a valuable product. For Mitsubishi Motors this means they want to inform the customer as much as possible with practical information and seducing content.

Smart and researched

Lukkien created the basis for Mitsubishi Motors Corporate for the European adaptions of their Mitsubishi Motors websites. In this proces Lukkien carefully looked at how one design could become the basis for different cultures and regulations. Experiences, information and conversion all melt together into one online experience. A smart piece of technology, made easy for many. Lukkien took care of the implementation within Europe and takes care, via a Digital Asset Management system (DAM), of the image content for 18 European countries. Lukkien also preps all the model pages for translation and localisation.

Together we'll make it work

Even before 2008 Lukkien and Mitsubishi Motors have been working together as a dedicated, online marketing service team. This team is the link between Mitsubishi Motors Corporate and Mitsubishi Motors Europe. A strong bond that exists for over 10 years!

Price worthy

The website of Mitsubishi Motors Netherlands has gotten the third place for Website of the Year 2015 in the category Cars! A price on which we're proud. The hard work of Mitsubishi Motor Netherlands and Lukkien reaches a highlight as you can see in the score we've gotten.