Wiskerke: Driven by Onions

Driven by Onions

Wiskerke Onions exports their onions, shallots and garlic to more than 95 countries. For this international company we developed the new website. Includes all content! From the beginning there was a special click because we are both family businesses that go with passion for the best quality.

Concept "Driven by Onions"

Wiskerke Onions wanted a website that aligns with their leadership. A website of today that tells the story of Wiskerke in an innovative way! Our strategists have therefore created a concept that fits the family business. With "Driven by onions" we show Wiskerke’s passion . A cross-medial project involving all of Lukkien's departments (digital, photography and film).


Our photography department produced all the visuals for the new website. With our experience in food photography, our photographers, stylists and image editors managed to give a proper follow-up to the "Driven by onions” concept. These images are also displayed on the trucks of Wiskerke Onions.

Video content

Lukkien Audiovisual created and produced all videos . On the website you will find a timelapse video, an animation of the production process and an interview with CEO Chayenne Wiskerke.


Digital has built the new website in Wagtail. Lukkien has considerable experience with this user-friendly CMS and contributes to the development of this platform. We have worked with a Scrum team for the Wiskerke Onions website where knowledge of Django, Wagtail, Design, UX and Front-end are involved. Because the site is multilingual, we have developed Wagtailtrans itself. This provides a convenient and efficient translation.

Janneke Janssen, Domain Architect: "We got the confidence and freedom of our client to develop something really creative. And the final result lives up to the expectations."