Nutricia: Early life nutrition

Early life nutrition

The trailblazing platform Nutricia for You has got a new sister! Nutricia for Professionals is the knowledge platform for every profession related to nourishment and child development. Again Lukkien has been responsible for the complete realization of the platform.

Along the journey 

The Health Care Professional platform follows the same route of 1000 days as the Nutricia for You customer platform. By leading professionals to the same path as mother and child, the health of the child can be put even more to the foreground. 

The platform contains an extensive knowledge library where articles, researches, books and webinars can be found. These mocked Nutritorials review different topics around nourishment. As a component of education the visitor can sign up for futural congresses or symposia. 

Sharing and gaining knowledge

Complementary the platform also contains a webshop. Here brochures and samples can be ordered that can be given to parents. For example a useful kit that gives information about puking or eating solid food. The professional also finds elaborate information about the products of Nutricia on the platform. This way, the right products can be found easily for every chosen treatment. 

Where Nutricia for You focuses on the journey from mother and child, the emphasis on the Nutricia for Pofessionals platfom lies in sharing and gaining knowledge. The articles are all based on scientific articles and resources and e-learning modules are presented by the platform.

Relevant on professional level

The Nutricia for You platform offers the visitor personalized content. This has also been applied to the professional platform. Dependent on the target group of professions where the user is in, the content is adapted. A general practitioner will get different information than a booth attendant for example.