Voedingscentrum: Eat more of us

Eat more of us

The National Foodwatch (Voedingscentrum) wants to encourage the Dutch audience to eat more vegetables. To support their campaign, Lukkien developed (commissioned by Canday) the 3D production ‘ Vegetable News'. Also we did the food photography for the Vegetable-Meter.

In the Vegetable News we see Astrid of the National Foodwatch. She comments on a news item in which all sort of vegetables protest that they want to be eaten more. For this campaign Lukkien animated various vegetables which are in fact real characters. The vegetable news is part of the online campaign "Eat more of us."

Check out the Vegetable News:

On you find a Vegetable-Meter which tells if you eat enough vegetables. Lukkien created the food photography for this Vegetable-Meter.