Lay's: A flavour for everyone

A flavour for everyone

Lay's potato chips come in different flavors and you can enjoy them anytime of the day. Commissioned by FIRM, Lukkien created Lay’s product photography with a special emphasis on cocktail hour. The message is simple; whether you enjoy a drink at home or with your colleagues after work, Lay’s always has a stylish snack you can enjoy on the side.

Lukkien has extensive experience in food photography. Our stylists and photographers know exactly how to present Lay's potato chips in an attractive setting.

About Lay's

The tastiest chips, the largest selection! Lay's chips are carefully prepared with the most delicious potatoes and the best ingredients for more than 60 years. Besides the usual chips, Lay's expanded their range with Lay's Superchips, Lay's Light, Lay's Sensations, Lay's Oven chips, Lay's Oven Crunchy Biscuits and Lay's Oven Crispy Thins, Lay's Sticks, Lay's Deep Ridged, Lay's Bugles, Lay's Wokkels, Lay's Hamka's, Lay's Pomtips, Lay's Grills, Lay's Mama Mia's and Lay's Funfrites.

Lay's chips use only the best potatoes. In addition, Lay's is market leader when it comes to the continuous improvement of its products.