My Heritage: From the cradle to the grave

From the cradle to the grave

Feeling curious about your family history? For the pedigree website MyHeritage we developed the concept for several tv commercials which we also produced.

In the second commercial we've made for MyHeritage, the watcher has been taken to a journey throughout history. By photos and paintings we travel from one generation towards the next. By literally diving into the pictures, they come alive and so visualise the journey through the past that the users of MyHeritage undergo.

To bring up the past as believable as possible regarding all details, the styling for this production was incredibly important. To illustrate, someone has been turning strings around paintbrushes for three days, because in the 17th century paintbrushes didn't have the metal part. 

And another comic detail: in the wag of the baby the stage-manager has been laying himself when he was a baby!