Nutricia Trophy: Game for professionals

Game for professionals

Nutricia has the knowledge and expertise about the ideal development of a child in its first 1,000 days. They want to share this practical knowledge in a fun and interactive way with professionals who work with young children. And what's more fun than sharing their knowledge with a game?


Lukkien has been working with Nutricia for several years on their platforms Nutricia for You and Nutricia for Professionals. Both have been developed in close cooperation with Nutricia. When Nutricia asked us to develop this game for the professionals platform, our answer was, obviously, yes!  Gamification is a widely recognised and appreciated tool in B2C environments,  but you hardly see any gaming techniques in the B2B market. With this gamification platform Nutricia is frontrunner in it’s market.

A game’s success always stands or falls with the user experience: is it fun to play? Did I learn something of it? Therefore, UX (User Experience Design) has been an important component in the entire process of developing the game. Nutricia Trophy seamlessly integrates design, functionality and content and provides an optimal user experience. The game is intuitive and fast. All content is divided into modules with different themes to serve a wide range of audiences. To make the game accessible to everyone, Trophy is also available on mobile.

Simon van Acht, UX Designer: "With Nutricia Trophy we apply gamification to create an optimal customer experience."

Game mechanics make the game more fun

In addition, pleasure and appreciation are also key success factors in Nutricia Trophy. With several game mechanics we make the game more interesting to play. You can earn Nutri points which are showcased in the leaderboard and win great prizes this way. The game mechanics are benchmarked against the business and user objectives. An example is the "Monthly Challenge". This activation mechanism aims to motivate players to keep playing Trophy and increase their knowledge even further. Another example is that you can earn extra points if you answered 5 questions in a row, or when a new player steps forward to play Nutricia Trophy.

Personalized content with Sitecore

The Nutricia Trophy game is built on Sitecore. Our specialists have developed all sorts of scenarios so that the user can play the game in the most pleasant way. What happens when a quenstion is answered wrongly? And what happens when someone cheats? How do we create a smart algorithm that selects the rightful winner? Because we use Sitecore, Nutricia can deliver the right content to the right professional. The game is divided into segments so we offer every target audience personalised content. Even during and after the game, Nutricia stays in contact with its members. E.g. in the form of a newsletter with articles that addresses topics from the Nutricia Trophy game.

Jan Albert Veldman, Business Intelligence Analyst: "96% of  the participants indicated that playing Nutricia Trophy has extended their knowledge."

Great success

To measure the success and effectiveness, we have developed a measurement plan with Nutricia. Starting point for the project was the formulation of goals based on the strategy of the customer. This was also a good kick off point for designing the game. We have achieved an impressive game with videos, articles and great prizes thanks to the close collaboration between our designers, developers, and Nutricia. A game that is rated with a 7.7, and of which no less than 96% of participants indicated that playing Nutricia Trophy has extended their knowledge about the first 1,000 day. The engagement time on the Professionals platform has even doubled. Participants play multiple modules Nutricia Trophy. These insights and many others are mapped by our Business Intelligence Analyst. Here we not only look at the effectiveness and success of the game, but also to the contribution of this project to the marketing goals of the client. Using these reports Nutricia can continuously improve its platform for professionals.

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