AA Drink: Get the flow

Get the flow

In an energetic collaboration with AA Drink, Lukkien has given a creative and meaningful interpretation to their newest product on the shelves: Sportwater.

About the product


AA Drink Sportwater is water that is enriched with exactly those minerals that you lose through sports.  Every time you exercise, you lose a certain amount of minerals (electrolytes): sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. These minerals, in the same proportion, are added to AA Drink Sportwater, that apart from those, contains no other additives, calories or fizz. AA Drink Sportwater is available in different flavors; Lemon, H20, Mint, Melon or Berries. 

Design sprint

 design sprint

The design sprint that we took with AA Drink consisted of a morning and afternoon program. In the morning we started with a How Might We session. In an HMW session, you formulate as many HMW questions as possible with the entire team, to then categorize and prioritize them. Every HMW question implies a challenge to tackle.  After a HMW session, the challenges that can be relevant to AA Drink and the Sportwater brand are formulated, as well as a strategy on how the desired business objectives can be achieved.


The second part of the day consisted of a paper prototyping session, in which we gave a concrete interpretation of the content and structured the one pager with the help of the output of the HMW session. Together with the client, in one afternoon we came to the most important decisions concerning the tone-of-voice, starting points for the visual style and we reached a consensus about the pay-off; Get The Flow.


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