Profile: How fast can you change your tires?

How fast can you change your tires?

Commissioned by creative agency Canday we built a a campaign website for Profile about changing tires. Through a game customers and interested can win new tires worth € 500,-. The campaign website has been made fully responsive and therefore mobile friendly. You can see the result here:

When do you need to change your tires?

At a minimum tread depth of 2 mm with summer tires;
At a minimum tread depth of 4 mm for winter tires;
March / April: Time for summer tires;
October / november: Time for winter tires;
Abrasion , dehydration or damage to your tires.

About Profile

Profile Car & Tyre Service is a specialist in tires and rims. They are also the largest and fastest growing independent car service chain in the Netherlands. The organization consists of independent entrepreneurs: these people naturally just run a little bit harder for you.