KPN: On the image bank

On the image bank

All throughout the country KPN offers its services. At home sitting on the sofa as well as during big events. For all these situations we shoot images for the image bank of KPN!

The services of KPN are very diverse: from interactive TV to mobile phone services, at home and on location. Many activities take place at home: using the tablet or watching television. Relaxing while watching tv on the sofa, a second monitor when watching your favorite series or tv show; it all takes place at the sofa. 

More often a tablet and smartphones are used for pressional purposes. These are also included in the image bank of KPN. We always shoot images in different formats, so they are usable in multiple ways!

And also during events we'd like to use of our telephone! Shooting pictures, making videos, sending them and of course sending a message towards friends asking them where they are. During the "Nijmeegse vierdaagse" (Dutch walking event) we have shot some very nice images of some pedestrians showing them in which way the services of KPN would be useful to them.