Parrano: Italian seasonings

Italian seasonings

Parrano, known for the tasty cheeses, asked Lukkien to develop a creative concept that serves as the basis for their brand positioning and all online communications.

Because of Parrano’s Italian roots, we integrated an Italian twist into the new website, newsletter and social media content. To realize this, our Digital, Photography & Graphic Design and Audiovisual departments joined forces.

New website

Lukkien Digital developed the new website in CMS Wagtail. Our (UX) designers translated the concept to a design for the website and newsletter. The result is that Parrano can communicate with a new and clear brand positioning.


Content creation

For the Parrano recipes, Lukkien Audiovisual made videos which explain how to create the perfect dishes. Photography & Graphic Design was responsible for the beautiful portrayal of the dishes.

Web editor

Our web editors unburdened Parrano by creating, developing and placing content. By feeding the website, newsletter and social media continuously with Italian recipes, we connected with the visitors and gave them a reason to return to the platform.


About Parrano

In the heart of the Italian Tuscany region stands a beautiful house called Villa Parrano. This site has kept the tasty Parrano Originale recipe a secret for decades. Matured and riped naturally and traditionally. How does it taste? Like a cheese full of Dutch common sense, but with a typical Italian edge to it.