Lovely local food

Lovely local food

Food is more than just nutrition. Great products that are wonderfully cooked are a true experience! Obviously, this production made us hungry.


For the theme of 'Local food' we created several dishes. All made with local products from around. Together with chef Barend Kramer these delicious dishes were created. A festive look not only tasty but also appealing to the eye.


Tasty food doesn't have to be hard to make. For this item we made several how-to stop motion video's. One of which was this lovely bruchetta. Easily made and full of flavour.

Full of flavour

In this series we made multiple dishes. Some photographed in our studios and some on location, but all full of flavour.

Images with some meat

In food photography it is important that an image has some 'meat, some extra space for text. For example to show the recipe.