Efteling: A magical movie

A magical movie

Together with the Efteling Lukkien has made a miraculous 'mini-movie'. Along with the original idea of Efteling, the movie shows how the Winter Efteling affects people.

On the visualization of this wonderful fairy tale more than twenty people, all from different disciplines, have been working together. Varying from producer, set builders, light & camera crew to CGI animators and sound engineers: all under the inspiring direction of Jorrit Stolman everybody has worked hard to make it as miraculous as it is.

Every datail has been taken into account. The squirrel has been studied in all its detail: the color of his pelt, his behavior and even his mimicry.

Besides the visual part also the soundtrack attributes to ones imagination. The song "Little Things (You)" of Laura Jansen melts fluently with the visualizations and together they result in a breathtaking, beautiful cinematography.