NLfilm: More action!

More action!

There's a lot of action in the Popoz movie, just like in the new Bond movie. The fact that these two movies are in the cinema simultaneously is not much appreciated by Ivo and Randy. In these cinema promo demos they find a solution for this.

A strong piece of high-jacking: the promos were shown in the preview of the new Bond movie. In cooperation with the producer of NLfilm, Lukkien created the Bond promos and five other cinema promos for the movie. Besides these promos Lukkien was responsible for all visual effects in the movie "Popoz" as well. 

Besides the cinema promos, Lukkien has made the promotion materials of the movie for the Comedy Central Channel. Here the shooting detectives take over the screen in between programmes. 

By the way: Ivo and Randy dislike people that don't turn off their phone in the cinema...