Plantion: More stories to tell!

More stories to tell!

Flowers and plants have interesting backstories, we know this thanks to Plantion's Kleurrijke Verhalen (Colourful Stories) campagne. For the Kleurrijke Verhalen Days 2015 (23 September till 3 October) Lukkien created even more stories!

Lukkien created the new videos and the website and action page. The already existing stories have been expanded with 19 new funny, touching of extraordinary stories of a variety of flowers and plants. Many of these have a peculiar name or symbolise something special. With Kleurrijke Verhalen these stories come to life!

Besides the video's and the website Lukkien also created several banners meant for promoting the Kleurrijke Verhalen Days. A great example to showcase our versatility and how our departments work together on a project.

Take a look at all the new stories at