Biohorma: Multi-Gyn


Multi-Gyn, a brand of Biohorma, offers a series of products for the treatment of vaginal discomfort and vaginal care in general. Lukkien was asked to develop a brand campaign, which also breaks with the taboo around this delicate topic.

Research showed that vaginal discomfort, from mild irritation to bacterial infections, is a recognisable problem for many women. Over 75% of women has ever experienced it. The same survey also revealed that almost no one talks about it. Understandable but not wise, because it’s best for their vaginal health to treat symptoms properly. 

These insights formed the basis of the campaign strategy and concept: Multi-Gyn starts the topic of vaginal discomfort. For this purpose we created a series of vlogs starring Esmay. In her blogs she discusses various topics about vaginal discomforts such as the differences between bacterial vaginosis and vaginal yeast infection or how to prevent irritation when shaving. These vlogs can be found on a special webpage:

The key message of Esmay is that many women suffer from vaginal discomfort and it is not  strange or awkward at all. Her argument: we just have to talk about, and then do something about it! She also refers to the webpage regularly.

Multi-Gyn sends the message and in various tag-ons, specific products will be connected to the overal brand message.