Hollandia: New: Chocolate Whipped Cream

New: Chocolate Whipped Cream

Again, Hollandia pushes its boundaries. After the introduction of the revolutionary nozzle, Hollandia now comes up with Chocolate Whipped Cream. Commissioned by Force451 we created the key visuals and a product video for the new chocolate whipped cream.

The new Hollandia Chocolate Whipped Cream is the trusted qualityHollandia cream but with chocolate in it. Especially for the introduction we created a bottle of real chocolate.

We illustrated the campaign visual with a chocolate mold of the known Hollandia aerosol can which is partly stripped from the silver foil. Force 451 created the concept and took care of the art direction. Lukkien was responsible for the entire production. The production is a unique combination of our services Audiovisual, Photography and CGI.

Hollandia will use the keyvisuals and the productvideo to promote the new Chocolate Whipped Cream to wholesalers.