Beter Bed: Plenty of choice in bedding

Plenty of choice in bedding

Lukkien produced a TV-commercial for Beter Bed, commissioned by BeyenMeyer.

Lukkien developed an innovative solution for the TV-commercial of retailer Beter Bed. By using a digital set of extensions, the physical store was simulated in a 3D environment. As a result, filming in the store is no longer needed and remodeling entire stores and scheduling shoots in the after hours are history.

CEO Bouke Lukkien: "What is special about this production, is that it seems like we have filmed in one of Beter Bed 's stores, while in fact, we shot the entire production in-house. Subsequently, our 3D and visual effects specialists edited the material we shot". 

Lodewijk van der Peet , Managing Director at BeyenMeyer: "Filming in a store always requires a lot from retail organizations. We are pleased the new technique eliminated these burdens. Lukkien did a great job. While watching the commercial you’ll get a real in-store experience." 

Watch the TV-commercial here: