Heesen Yachts: The power of dreams

The power of dreams

A superyacht is only a dream for most of us. For some it is reality, Heesen Yachts builds yachts for this select group of people. Lukkien created a magical brand promotion for the builder of superyachts.

The film focuses on craftsmanship and the dreams that become reality thanks to Heesen Yachts. We see tools floating in mid-air. A metaphor for the connection between dreams and reality. 

The Dutch brand delivers a bespoke product and works only with the best materials money can buy. With this film Heesen Yachts wants to showcase that their products are all high quality pieces. Made of the best materials: the hardest steel, the strongest aluminium and with the most powerful engines.

"By filming with high speed we created a hypnotising image, that takes you along the dream world of Heesen Yachts" Karim Alexander van de Zande, Producer, Lukkien.

This film gave us the opportunity to showcase our own high quality products. Many elements in the film are shot with a high speed camera that shoots over 2500 images per second. These create exciting filmic sequences. thanks to CGI the body of the ship and the shot of the engine were made. And the scene with the boat's screw were made by using a 3D printed screw in a tub of 1000L filled with water. 

"What's special about this film is that we don't show our final product at all, which is usual in our branch. The entire film focuses on the power of our shipyard, the contrast between grand projects and the attention to detail, craftsmanship and the realisation of ideas. The final result is up to your own imagination, after all anything is possible at Heesen Yachts." Mark van Heffen, Marketing Director, Heesen Yachts.

A creative project for a top notch product. Of course, presented to a top notch audience; the film premiered at the biggest event for super yachts the Monaco Yacht Show. Let your own dreams come true, in the new brand film for Heesen Yachts.