Pon: Real life configurator

Real life configurator

Lukkien built a Volkswagen and Skoda configurator to showcase all of the editions and models. By using CGI this could be realised efficiently!

Picking out a new car isn't an easy job. To make the right choice you need to see, feel, smell and of course drive the car. Lukkien makes this proces a little easier thanks to the configurator built for Pon's Automobielhandel. In this configurator you can view all of the models and editions, inside and out! Now you can meet your future car online!

In the video below you can see how the configurator looks and works.

To showcase all these different editions and model the CGI-department collaborated with our Digital department. Digital took care of the back-end in which all the data is collected whereas CGI took care of all the imagery. Over 1 million renders are already online and this number keeps growing!