The Olympic and Paralympic games 2016 are in Rio de Janeiro. Lukkien had the privilege to shoot the gear for the Olympic and Paralympic TeamNLRio 2016. The total clothing line is made by Asics, the official supplier of NOC*NSF.

Asics Benelux, part of Asics Europe, made the design for the clothing line of the Olympic Athletes. Lukkien was requested by Asics to present the clothing line to the Dutch public, by making great images.  The task was creating 3 heroic images of the women's and men's clothing. Based on a well considered concept, we shot the images in one day. Our department Graphic Design made the images more powerful by adding smoke and improving the colors.  

The Dutch Olympic gear 

The clothing line is a mix of recognizable Rio-elements and the DNA of Asics.  For example, the pattern of the streets of the Copacabana-boulevard is subtly reflected in the raincoat. By putting the clothing line together they kept the weather conditions in account. The Olympic and Paralympic games will take place in the Brazilian winter, but the average temperature will still be a bit higher than in the Netherlands. There is also a temperature difference between day and night: at daytime the sun is shining bright, but it is dark early and the temperature will cool down. It can properly rain in Rio and there is a chance of high humidity. Also there is a big difference between the sport locations: inside and outside, beside and on the water.

Asics & Lukkien 

Lukkien provides Asics with several services like the product- and atmosphere pictures. Our Audio Visual department makes also the Asics TV-commercials, tag-ons and inspiration video’s, for example marathons.