LIFETIME Kidsroom: Rooms that grow along!

Rooms that grow along!

LIFETIME Kidsroom makes practical and fun furniture for kids! Their useful 4-in-1 beds grow along and are suitable for kids in the age of 2 to 11+!

LIFETIME Kidsroom originally is a Danish brand that makes furniture and accessories for kids' rooms. Special about the furniture is that their 4-in-1 bed is adaptable to the age of the child. This way the bed can be used from age 2 to 11+!

A very fun project for our stylists to do! To show the different versions of the bed, they restyled the room for every version. Every room is styled in a different theme for a different age! The basis of the shoot is one of our easy to use flex sets in which our setbuilders created a nice light floor and beams on the ceiling.

Additionally to the beds we also shot other furnitures in which our little models played a role.

During the photo-shoot we also shot a video to showcase the way the beds change along.