Peijnenburg: Rye and delicious gingerbread

Rye and delicious gingerbread

Peijnenburg has been making gingerbread for over 130 years now. They have perfected their recipes and have introduced many variaties of their delicious gingerbread. Their latest addition is Peijnenburg Zero, gingerbread without added sugars!

Peijnenburg wishes to tell more about gingerbread and rye (the main ingredient of gingerbread), to tell this story to the consumer they've asked Lukkien to develop the concept and strategy. We chose to create a platform that tells us about the health benefits of rye (main ingredient of gingerbread). With short video's we tell the stories of bakers and nutrition experts.

For the latest addition of their products, Peijnenburg Zero, we created the brand promotion website.

We delivered the strategy, designs and development of the platform and website. As well as creating all the video content on both the websites. Thanks to a great collaboration between Peijnenburg, third parties and our own departments we were able to finish this project very quickly.

In these short video's several experts talk about gingerbread, rye, a well-balanced diet and other interesting facts about cereals. The baker tells us about how gingerbread is made and about the ingredients, the nutrition expert about a healthy diet and a variety of did-you-know facts pass by.

Lukkien created all the video content on both platforms, existing of short interviews with several experts. In a variety of settings they are interviewed, we also asked people to taste test the gingerbread. In total Lukkien created over 20 short video's for Peijnenburg.

Peijnenburg Zero is a special product, never before they succeeded in creating gingerbread without additional sugars. But Peijnenburg did it, they created a gingerbread that is just as good but without additional sugars. The website introduces Zero and tells about the progress of creating gingerbread without additional sugars.

Making gingerbread without adding sugars is definitely not an easy task. The website tells the story of how Peijnenburg was able to create the Zero thanks to sweetener Xylitol and how gingerbread (Zero and the regular version) fits in a well-balanced diet.

The Zero gingerbread tastes just as good as the regular one! We taste-tested Peijnenburg Zero on the streets.