Veilig Sportklimaat: Safe sports for all

Safe sports for all

Dutch international football player Georginio Wijnaldum personally visited our studios to play the lead role in several instructional videos. For the shoot, the studio was partially turned into a real football pitch. With the help of some extras, we captured various simulated game situations on film. Afterwards our graphic design department worked to improve the quality of the pictures, by highlighting Georginio in the shots, for example. The final films are featured on a website which we also developed. The clips are being used for a new campaign by the Dutch National Football Association (KNVB) to help B-juniors achieve their mandatory play rules certificate.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Dutch Olympic Comittee has launched several ‘SportMaster’ websites. These websites are created to increase the knowdledge of the game amongst players to ensure a bette rand safer sports environment. The ‘SportMasterz’ are part of an action plan by Veilig Sportklimaat (Safe Sports Environment). Knowledge about the game improves the ambiance on the field and ensures a safer match. Lukkien was responsible for the creation and realisation of all the ‘SportMasterz’ websites. The latest in this series are: KorfbalMasters and SquashMasterz.

Later this year the websites will be expanded with Judo, Honkbal-Softbal (Baseball, Softball)and Paardensport (Horses).

Earlier Lukkien launched the football, basketball, handbal, volleyball, tennis and table tennis editions of the ‘SportMasterz’ websites.