Bavaria: Special blond beer

Special blond beer

Bavaria wanted a break-bumper for their 8.6 special blond beer for channel RTL 7. Lukkien was responsible for the concept and creation of this spot. The models were of course casted by Lukkien Casting.

8.6 is a special blond beer with, like the name suggests, 8,6% alcohol. A beer especially for tough, robust men with character. In the break-bumper we see a rough toast between two men. The commercial fits the slogan of channel RTL 7 'More for men'

The break-bumper was created in the studio's of Lukkien. Lukkien Casting was responsible for finding the perfect model with the right body and characteristics. A search on Facebook led to the 'real man' with a full beard and big biceps. 

Eventually two versions were created, check them out!