RTL Telekids: Splash!


RTL Telekids collaborated with SiSi and hosted the Mega Blubber Power Race summer events. These (free!) events for young children focus on one thing only: outdoor fun! Lukkien created six audiovisual productions for the Mega Blubber Power Race.

This summer RTL Telekids and SiSi hosted the Mega Blubber Power Race (MBPR) events. These free events for young children have one goal only: outdoor fun! Lukkien produced several promo's, a commercial, the episodes on RTL Telekids and a music video for the MBPR theme song.

The first introduction of the events is the commercial for SiSi. This one focusses on the MBPR products that you can save up for, thanks to the special promotion code inside the lid of the products. The products are fun water toys and the commercial shows how they can cause a real waterbattle in the backyard.

It was an exciting and challenging project for Lukkien. Together with Patrick Martens, host at RTL Telekids, multiple episodes, a music video and promo's were shot. Lukkien created all audiovisual content for the events which were broadcasted on RTL Telekids and can be seen online.

Large projects like these are no exception for us. Still, this was a challenge, even for us. Working with kids is fun but they aren't as easy to direct. Also, the weather wasn't as good as we had wanted, which is quite important when you're making summer themed video's. But thanks to good preparation we were able to create something that was to our liking. And, of course, to the customer's satisfactory. 

In total we created six video's; a commercial for SiSi, a billboard, the episodes of the MBPR on RTL Telekids, two promo's and the music video.