Het Rode Kruis: Support the Red Cross!

Support the Red Cross!

Every year Lukkien works for a charity. This year Lukkien was asked by the Red Cross to create a new commercial and several tag-ons. In the commercial the Red Cross shows that they work not only in disaster areas but also nearby in your neighbourhood when small disasters occur.

The commercial was made possible thanks to over fifty people; the crew of Lukkien, freelancers, models by Lukkien Casting and real volunteers of the Red Cross. Lukkien did all of this without charge to support the charity.

We think it is important to support a charity. Instead of giving money we'd rather give something tangible. That is why, every year, we select a charity to support; for example by creating a commercial.

Bouke Lukkien Jr., Executive Board Member

Additionally to the commercial Lukkien also created several tag-ons that can be used by the Red Cross for the coming two years. These tag-ons focus on enlisting new volunteers and a call for donations.