Volvo Car Nederland: Tell the story

Tell the story

Lukkien and Volvo have been working together for quite some time now. Lukkien has helped Volvo with their online marketing and communication strategy and was offered the opportunity to help them create the new Volvo website for the Netherlands.

A completely renewed Volvo website

Since October 2013 Lukkien has been helping Volvo with developing their online marketing and communication strategy. Not only with clear and useful advice but also with the online translation of campagnes and the introduction of new models. When Volvo Sweden announced the redesign of the new website, Lukkien got the opportunity to play an important role in the transformation of the website for the Dutch market.

What's Swedish for 'tax liability'?

In 2014 and 2015 Volvo started rolling out the transition of the new websites. With a framework as basis, it was up to the countries themselves to fill it with relevant local content. How else could they explain typical Dutch tax rules? And how would they apply these to specific model pages?

Visual storytelling

Together with Volvo a team of Lukkien worked hard to make sure the new website fits the needs of the Dutch car owner. The website was built page by page, by changing content and by creating completely new pages. Important was that every page would tell its own story. Wether is was a page for the new XC90 with lots of imagery. Or a more informational page about innovation and safety. They all tell the story of Volvo.

Swedish design

Even tough the Volvo website has been transformed to fit the Dutch market, it still has the Swedish core values of Volvo. These values are guidelines, for making choices in copy and image. The basis is the same for every country, the content is what differs. For example information and explanation about tax regulations for leasing a car.

For Volvo we also worked together on a small film project, this short and fun stop-motion is the result.