Koninklijke Gazelle: From wireframe to bicycle

From wireframe to bicycle

Lukkien brought the new bicycle collections of Gazelle to life! Using full CGI to render the bikes and a collaboration with photography to incorporate the model.

For Royal Gazelle our CGI department created their entire bicycle collection in photorealistic images. All the bikes are shown in a studio setting with a white background. Perfect for use in a (online) catalogue. Extraordinary about this project is that we also created the mood shots. The CGI department collaborated with the photography department who created the model shots. With just a seat, steering wheels an a few building blocks the rebuilt 'the bike' for the model to sit on. The bike shown in the final imaga is full CGI render. 

Every bike starts of as a wireframe and is then built up to a full image. Unique about our CGI work is the collaboration with our photography department to create photorealistic images.

Take a look at the bike in this 360" video.