Sligro: ZiN inspiration lab

ZiN inspiration lab

Sligro launches ZiN Inspiration lab! ZiN is the lab that assists food professionals in even further refining their craft. In master classes, presentations, vocational training courses and culinary events they can share their knowledge.

If you want to promote a lab that stimulates all possible senses, the choice of type of media and the approach has to be of the same character. Together with New Brand Activators we have created a movie and range of key visuals inspired on the five senses. In the film you literally experience what ZiN is all about: smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste. One thing stands out for sure; in this inspirational lab you’ll definitely get new incentives, impulses and lots of inspiration. The film visualises the love of food and ingredients by letting the flavors, colors and experiences explode on screen.

Key visuals

About Inspirationlab ZiN

Wednesday November 30, the 3,000 square meter inspirational lab was opened in Veghel. This food hotspot is the place to be for food professionals. All facets where food professional deal with on a daily basel are present at ZiN. Besides culinary training, food professionals can also further develop their entrepreneurial skills in more business focussed courses and workshops.