A Flex Set for every concept

From socket to complete kitchen

At Lukkien we have different kinds of flex sets available. Our set designers en stylists can easily transform these sets in all kinds of rooms. From a kidsroom to a kitchen: anything is possible. Because we work with flexible elements, like different types of doors, window frames, door fittings and sockets, the room can quickly be rebuild.

It’s even possible to create two or three rooms at the same time, which is very cost efficient. We also have several kitchen setups. With the expertise of our stylists you can find yourself in a real modern kitchen and the next moment in a cozy kitchen.  

Flex Set 8
Flex Set 7
Flex Set 6


  • Flex Set 4
  • Flex Set 3
  • Flex Set 2


  • Flexset 14
  • Flexset 15
  • Flex Set 13


  • Flex Set 11
  • Flex Set 12
  • Flex Set 10

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Do you want to know how your product or service looks like in one of our Flex Sets or do you want to experience the countless possibilities? Please contact us.