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Lukkien is a full-service creative production company offering end-to-end services. Its portfolio ranges from communication strategy and conceptualization up to production and realization. Lukkien is characterized by combining strategic advice with hands-on experience.


For almost 20 years Lukkien and Philips have built a solid and valued partnership with Lukkien as preferred supplier for development and production of cross media marketing communication assets.

Recently Lukkien is selected by Philips as its main supplier for photography and video productions. Effective asset developments ensuring significant production savings and a cost reduction discount up to 20%. To optimize creative quality and brand consistency throughout the content productions, Lukkien introduces a Sr Art Director who will be in joint collaboration with Thomas Marzano - Head of Brand Design.


Lukkien's smart production approach for each project ensures consistency, flexibility, time efficiency and reduction on costs. 

Consolidation of productions

Optimization of high quality creative output and cost efficient asset productions for all Philips divisions by a clever approach throughout the project.

Consolidated production by creating more cross media assets and content in the budget, such as combined shoot of photography and film.

Behind the scenes
Philips Services

Smart project processing

At Lukkien Philips has an in-house dedicated team and single point of contact for each project in which all required disciplines – strategists, creatives, AV, photography, online and CGI specialists – work closely together in a structured way of working and process. Talented and ambitious professionals who truly understands Philips’ needs and hold client’s knowledge and its brand identity.

Creative solutions

Lukkien offers Philips creative solutions, such as plug-and-play flex sets at Lukkien Studios in Ede, usage rights free models of Lukkien Casting Agency and digital tooling systems.


Flexible shoot on location or in studio

Lukkien is experienced in organizing content productions in a hospital setting. Either on location or by building a hospital flexset, such as a treatment room for MRI, practice or even surgery room. 

HealthCare Professional

  • Healtcare_Professional_Paediatrician_E1P_3.jpg
  • Health
  • Healtcare_Professional_Nurse_U2.jpg
  • Healtcare_Professional_Midwife_E1P_13.jpg
  • Healtcare_Professional_Midwife_E1P_12.jpg
  • Healtcare_Professional_Midwife_E1P_1.jpg
  • Healtcare_Professional_Lactation consultant_E1P_4.jpg
  • Healtcare_Professional_GP_E1P_6.jpg
  • Healtcare_Professional_GP_E1P_2.jpg

Even more flexible is extending the set with environments developed in CGI.

03_3D EXT.png

Philips Photography & video assets

Within the new Philips Brand Guidelines Lukkien has created an extensive amount of assets for all business groups, such as: packshot and lifestyle photography, product video, how to videos, testimonials, internal video, CGI imagery. Shot both in studio as on location in The Netherlands and abroad. All produced within an optimized approach, consolidated if possible and meeting the objectives of positioning, budget and timings.


Consolidated location shoot results in delivery of more than 50 images for 24 SKU's. 

An impression

  • Avent
  • Avent
  • Avent
  • Avent
  • Avent
  • Avent


A photoshoot which video footage was shot over shoulder resulting in multiple video edits for a minimum of budget. 


Philips Pulse Relief

Combined location shoot for Pain Relief Products with delivery of images, product videos, testimonials and banners. 


Lukkien has a long history of implementing innovative technologies to create high quality image and video content and online touchpoint, in a more cost and time efficient way and with a smart production approach. One of this innovative solutions is Lukkien’s expertise in CGI technology. More and more assets Lukkien create for Philips contain CGI implementation of products. 

philips coffee
philips coffee

CGI expertise

With CGI it is possible to create lifelike images with the use of computers only, therefore eliminating the need for actual products while at the same time expanding possibilities beyond what is physically possible. With only a technical data file (wireframe) which is available for virtually any manufactured product our GGI artists are able to bring your product to life in photography or video.

CGI solutions

  • 360

Phillips Lighting Imagery

  • philips garden cgi
  • philips luminaires
  • philips luminaires

CGI integration  with photography

Lukkien brought the new bicycle collections of Gazelle to life! Using full CGI to render the bikes and a collaboration with photography to incorporate the model.

Show Case
gazelle detail

Product color variation by tracking


Dental professional content produced within consolidated projects for various Philips Oral HealthCare products. 

We made a movie for Highly Automated Cars. It can be watched trough the link below.

Show Video


All throughout the country KPN offers its services. At home sitting on the sofa as well as during big events. For all these situations we shoot images for the image bank of KPN!

Show Case


Philips Lightset Rendertool is an online automated environment that assembles lighting product parts and positioning in real life street setting. This project is work in progress. 


Sales support videos for Plotwave 500. 


Lukkien is excited to do a first asset production project for Philips Healthcare. Provide you with high quality lifestyle and product imagery, videos or even digital touchpoints on behalf of your marketing activities. 

We realize we don’t hold all knowledge yet of Healthcare specific aspects within the Philips brand, but we are eager to learn and involve healthcare specialists where needed. Invest in trainings and work closely together at the offices in Best.

With Philips Brand Identity in mind, we will set up an approach, on a low budget objective and with nature of the production that the requested assets can be divers, such as: images as product stand alone, storytelling images, product in use, product in site images etc., or testimonial videos or product video animations.  

We propose a dynamic and flexible production in which each asset type is defined how it will be created and for which we can combine cgi, photography, video, location shoot and studio shoot etc.


Yvonne Okhuijzen Mulder
t: +31 318 698 000 | +31 6 2323 5477


Creative Production Company

We connect people with brands. We create the connection with your customer. With our specialists, who have a true passion for what they do. We will go the extra mile to create the applications and content you want and need.

Lukkien is divided into 3 departments:

  • Photography & Graphic Design
  • Audio Visual & CGI
  • Digital

Lukkien Services


We can produce all the necessary content in-house. At Lukkien, concept development, creativity and state-of-the-art technology are all seamlessly integrated.

Lukkien is able to create an overall brand consistency in all your different communication channels. From an interactive 360 based on 3d generated images (CGI) until product shots, mood videos, explanation videos, lifestyle images and/or brand sites. All started from a single point of contact.

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