AR & VR: beyond the playground

We recently installed a new demo space with VR glasses in our reception area, allowing visitors to experience our latest projects in this field. I’m really proud of our staff’s growth in technologies such as VR and AR. In a short time, applications for these new technologies have evolved from ‘gimmick' level to that of effective tools yielding strong results throughout the entire sales funnel. Our projects for Gazelle, Deron and Philips Hue are great examples of this. 

At Lukkien, creativity and technology always go hand in hand. We like to lead the way in embracing new technology. The reason is simple: because it means we can offer you, our customer, better, cooler results in less time. From digital photography and video to image editing; from self-developed pack shot robots to the visual effects for the feature films Abeltje and Minoes; and from our apps and sites to our intensely lifelike CGI work: we place high value on innovation. 

Thyssen Krupp: stair lifts in AR

This vision led us to start exploring the potential of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) early on. Admittedly, I too was sceptical at first. I saw a lot of applications that seemed ‘fun’ for one-off situations. But they tended to lack real functional and commercial punch.   However, technology progressed and marketers began to discover that these tools offer exciting new product presentation possibilities. Again, Lukkien was there to lead the way. As far back as 5 years ago we developed a special AR app for our client ThyssenKrupp Home Solutions. With the app installed on their tablet, ThyssenKrupp representatives could show customers what a stair lift would look like in their own home – a convincing way of giving customers an idea of the value a product can add in their personal setting.

TomTom routes

Experiencing TomTom’s routes and Deron’s beds

Meanwhile, the 'gimmicky' side of this new technology certainly remains relevant. For example, we shot 360° footage for TomTom to create a VR image of the beautiful routes you can discover with their GPS technology. The result: attractive, inspiring content, that is especially effective in the 'awareness' phase of the buying decision process.   
Further up the sales funnel, we developed a highly relevant solution for Deron. This specialist in beds for pain patients can now use an AR app to give prospects a much better and realistic picture of what a Deron bed will look like in the home – and all that without having to drag around heavy objects!

Gazelle: personalize your bike on a tablet

AR and VR can also give the consumer that final ‘push’ towards purchasing. You want to give a customer in your shop a close-up view of a bicycle, even if you don’t have it in stock? Thanks to the AR application we made for Gazelle, it’s possible. With a tablet, the shopkeeper 'conjures up' the bicycle on the shop floor and customer and shopkeeper together can customize even it according to the buyer’s wishes. The bike can be turned and adjusted, and the viewer can zoom in to an amazing level of detail. What this means? Well, that a bicycle retailer can easily introduce customers to niche bikes he doesn’t want to keep in stock permanently.

hue signify

Philips Hue: VR glasses can open customers’ eyes

In VR too, we recently built a solution that actually leads to more sales: the VR rooms for Philips Hue. This lighting concept, which hit the market this spring, is very difficult to simulate in a store: you have to experience it. To make that possible, we designed an entire house, including front and back garden. Putting on VR glasses, customers can move around in the different rooms illuminated with Hue. This authentic, immersive approach enables the customer to experience the effects of the various installations and products. By linking the VR glasses to an in-store sales presentation of Philips Hue products, we’ve also facilitated the step from inspiration to purchase. 

This VR-presentation has been premiered at the international electronics trade fair IFA and got an excellent reception by the visitors. And… we also created a nice and scary Halloween-edition!

I dare you to dare us

  Lukkien people are image makers. It’s what we’ve always been and what we will always be. At the same time, we’re intent on keeping in step with developments in technology and society. Exploring the outer edges of what is technically possible, on the one hand, while sharing in the wishes and dreams of customers and consumers on the other. Balancing on the cutting edge of creativity, technology and desire. I am proud that we have the people and the resources to realize this vision – and grateful for customers whose dreams and demands drive us to continuously search uncharted territories. I dare you to dare us! 

Kind regards, 

Bouke Lukkien