This page contains descriptions for a number of cases we feel are relevant to Philips' request for information. The cases highlight our experience in the wide range of services we offer our clients.

Nutricia voor jou

The Nutricia voor jou platform is a guide for mothers during the ‘first 1000 days’, providing information on (pre-) pregnancy, baby and infants. The information is tailored to a mother’s needs during a child’s development phase. For example: the platform displays nutritional information based on the age of an infant, when the mother has a ‘Mijn Nutricia’ account. But it also uses profiling to display information related to anything a mother may have searched for, such as allergies, to provide personalised information even when the user doesn’t have an account. The platform also features an e-commerce component.

Lukkien and Nutricia work closely together on maintaining and expanding the platform. A team tat consists of Nutricia and Lukkien employees prioritises, builds, creates and manages all aspects of the platform, technical, functional and content-related. To this end, Nutricia's team members work on location at our offices in Ede.

The team's efforts have recently been rewarded with a People's Lovie Award.

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Nutricia Case Sitecore


Roofing company Consolidated and Lukkien have been working together on a digital transformation process that transformed a traditional roofing company into a pro-active servicepartner. Consolidated mainly works on roofs for housing estates. These estates typically consist of many flat roof surfaces. We have created of a management portal for facility managers. With this portal they are able to get an easy overview of the ‘state’ of the roofs they manage.

Roof inspectors use the specially developed mobile app for real time status reports, which is fed into the platform.

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Albert Heijn's mobile companion: Appie

The Appie app supports shoppers from start to finish, whether shopping from home or at an Albert Heijn location. Appie provides shoppping lists, facilitates self-scanning at an AH location, features a store locator, recipes and many other convenient features. A dedicated team of Lukkien's mobile developers constantly works with Ahold (on location at Ahold's main offices) to improve the app.

Monuta Uitvaartwensen

Monuta, a Dutch organisation that takes care of all aspects of passing (insurance, funerals, etc.), reached out to Lukkien to aide in updating their UitvaartWensen tool. This tool helps users to shape the way they want their funeral to take place, offering guidance on topics such as caskets, flowers, music and catering. Lukkien designed the user experience and graphical design and assisted Monuta in testing these designs on focus groups. During these tests we discovered that the friendly face we chose to represent the client’s customer service didn’t elicit a positive response from our test audience. The face was perceived as “too pretty”, “unreal” and “not associated with the product”. This led to a change in design (the image was replaced by another person’s image) that created a more relatable, and thus better, experience.


Most people will learn about fibreglass internet when they receive a message from Reggefiber when the construction is starting. From that moment on a customer journey starts that eventually needs to make sure that people decide to use fibreglass internet. But how does a utility company mix information with a seemingly commercial message?

The Reggefiber website is made up of several hundreds sub-sites, all tailored to display information for a specific part of a municipality. This is necessary because Reggefiber implements fibre optic connections borough by borough. Using automated communications, a Reggefiber customer is informed on each step in the implementation process when the information becomes relevant to them. The site follows a user’s progress through the customer journey and will send e-mail reminders (if necessary) to motivate a user to select a provider or make an appointment with the Reggefiber crew. 

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Nutricia Trophy

Nutricia Trophy 

Nutricia Trophy is an interactive online serious game on the first 1000 days of a child's development. Trophy has been created to stimulate Healthcare professionals to learn more about Nutricia's products. Users can answer questions, read articles, view video's and win prizes. 

Following the initial briefing Lukkien and Nutricia worked together on the concept, design and development. Trophy features leaderboards, achievements and monthly challenges to keep  users engaged with the platform.

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Dutch Cheesemaker UnieKaas asked Lukkien to create a means of strengthening their Parrano brand. Parrano is a selection of Dutch cheeses that were inspired by Italy. Lukkien created the new Parrano online platform. This platform, which is content driven rather than product-driven, highlights the Parrano product offerings through recipes, articles on the Italian inspired way of life and other inspirational content. Lukkien and UnieKaas cooperate on the creation of this content. Lukkien has created (amongst other) recipe video's and written articles for the platform. 

To drive traffic to the new platform Lukkien launched a social media campaign targeting potential Parrano buyers to entice them to engage with the brand.

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Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, you dig deeper, it's really how it works.

Henny Jansen, Digital Director

Mobile strategy and development

Lukkien has a lot of experience in the mobile field. We've created apps for Bison, De Efteling, ThyssenKrupp, PON Automotive, ASICS and Ahold.


Dutch theme park the Efteling and Lukkien have collaborated on The Efteling's mobile strategy. As a part of this strategy we've created an in-park app (native iOS & Android) and responsive mobile website.

Experience and sales (e-commerce & m-commerce) are ‘in the heart’ of the project.


For ThyssenKrupp, a leading manufacturer of chairlifts, we've built and augmented reality application. Using this app, the 3D Chairlift Configurator, app a salesrep can easily visualise the possibilities of a stairlift in a client's through augmented reality. The app uses AR to overlay a chairlift over a live-view to create an impression of the  possibilities for the placement of the chairlift.  Using the app has helped ThyssenKrupp's salesforce to better aide their customers, by making the 'impact' of placing a chairlift very clear.

Philips Rendertool

For Philips Lighting's Sales department we've created a platform that allows users to visualise the placement and effects of light. The platform is made up of two components:

  • A tool that enables users to combine fixtures, brackets and poles to form a light solution, visualise the selection against a selection of backdrops with technical data and save the selection as a PDF: the LighSet Creator
  • A tool that can be used to combine fixtures, brackets and poles to form a light solution and place the created solution into a photograph and consequently edit this photograph: the LighSet Composer.

The RenderTool is still in development. The links provided refer to the preview environments for both tools.

Lightset Creator LightSet Composer