Product photography robot

Innovation is embedded in Lukkien's DNA. Therefore, we have developed  a product photography robot for the e-commerce market with which we answer to the growing demand for volume, quality and consistency regarding pack shots.  Find out what the product photography robot can do for your business.      

Quality and efficiency

For an online store, sound product photography is essential. The product photography robot can photograph many products like shoes, electronics, nursing supplies very quickly and efficiently. Fully automated, the products can be shot 360 degrees round, from any angle between 0 and 90 degrees and in various heights. Based on the client’s briefing and customer requirements we preset the different variables. 

Special about the photography robot is that we can efficiently create pack shots. Now we can ensure that every product is photographed in the exact same way.

Melle Lukkien, Director Photography & Graphic Design

All in-house

The robot was developed and built by Lukkien’s technical specialists in close collaboration with photographers and clients. Both hardware and software we also developed in-house. After an extensive testing period the robot is now fully operational.

More information?

Wanna find out what the product photography robot can do for your business? Please contact us.


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