Join the Game and Let’s Play Together!


We offer a unique and complete proposition. We start every project by determining a spot-on strategy and concept. Then we decide where and how we will effectuate the concept. 

Where? Online, offline or a combination. 
How? Audiovisual, fully animated, 3D, CGI, audio, photography, print. 

Our unique proposition

  • 20,000 square meter studio lot
  • Lukkien Casting agency with royalty free models and specialized in kids casting
  • In-house set designers, builders and technicians
  • In-house music and sound composers
  • Localization of content in every possible language


    Lukkien has 45 years of experience in visual storytelling.

    We work with and for various large players in the toy industry such as; Nikko, Toy State, Jumbo, Identity Games, Nintendo, Playmobile, Fisher Price and V-tech.

    Identity Games - Escape Room

    create a television commercial that captures the same thrills as a real life Escape Room game

    Services provided: strategy, concept, studio shoot, set design/ building, casting, soundtrack

    Bart Smit - The new playbook

    Challenge: design a complete new product catalogue in an aesthetic and imaginative way that also grabs children’ immediate attention. 

    Services provided: concept, product photography, studio shoot, set design/ building, casting.

    Jumbo - Stratego pirates! 

    Challenge: create a commercial for an adventurous board game in which both reality and fantasy blend perfectly.

    Services provided: concept, studio shoot, set design/ building, casting, CGI.


    Creators from the start, with over 45 years of experience in creating content. We are always trying to grow, develop and challenge ourselves. For our customers and us. A frontrunner when it comes to combining strategy with creation and technology. We connect people with brands. We create the connection with your customer. With our specialists, who have a true passion for what they do. We will go the extra mile to create the applications and content you want and need.

    225 Employees
    20.000 Square Meters
    196 Clients

    Come out and play? 

    Are you curious how Lukkien can help you give your toy business a boost? Give us a call, come and visit our impressive studio lot in Ede, or invite us for a cup of coffee. We’ll also attend the Spielwarenmesse 2017 in Nuremberg so perhaps we’ll shake hands there!

    Who? Jerry van Setten, Sales Manager
    How? or +31 (0) 6 46 27 86 20