About us

A team of passionated professionals who stand for quality, creativity and reliability.

Creators from the start, with over 40 years of experience in creating content. We are always trying to grow, develop and challenge ourselves. For our customers and us. A frontrunner when it comes to combining strategy with creation and technology. We connect people with brands. We create the connection with your customer. With our specialists, who have a true passion for what they do. We will go the extra mile to create the applications and content you want and need.



The shared values of a family business and a creative agency are what makes working at Lukkien so special.

Bouke Lukkien Jr., Executive Board Member


It all started in 1972 when Bouke Lukkien Sr. opened the doors to his photography studio in an old church. The business grew quickly and soon his sons got involved: Bouke Jr. at the Audio Visual department and Melle at the Photography & Graphic Design department. Over the years Digital came around and this department has been rapidly growing ever since. Ultimately Lukkien grew into a Communication Campus that it is today. Being able to offer the customer a full package deal: from app to advertisement, and from concept and strategy to production.

225 Employees
20,000 Square meters
196 Clients

Campus Lukkien

Lukkien is a (digital) agency, a photography studio and a creative production company in on. It’s quite difficult to catch all our expertises in one name and that’s why we call ourselves ‘Campus Lukkien’. An inspiring place where people with different talents, backgrounds en disciplines together create the best, most advanced and effective communication solutions for our broad range of customers. A place where we learn from and inspire each other. A set designer collaborates with a strategist, a front ender with a stylist, a composer with a designer, it happens everyday here at Campus Lukkien. Despite all the different angles, we share one common goal; making the impossible possible for all of our clients.

The photo studio was always next door, I think I created my first picture when I was 8.

Melle Lukkien, Executive Board Member

Our methods

From strategy to production. From app to billboard. Lukkien imagines, designs and builds conversion-driven solutions in which creativity and technology reinforce each other. We think from a client perspective and map the entire customer journey. This is how we help our clients to provide the end-user with relevant and valuable content. To move people is our main goal.


Most of our development projects we use the Agile/SCRUM method. This method allows us to ensure quality and continuity. It is also a practical project management method that splits up the entire project in to manageable bits.

Service Design Thinking

Service Design is way of designing products and services that are user-friendly, competitive and relevant to your customers as sustainable for your service provider. It is an important to involve stakeholders into all the processes that are of relevant to them. Depending on culture, targets and overall skills and knowledge of the stakeholder, different techniques are used to create an interactive setting that gives the right insights and ideas. Concepts that are derived by service design thinking are usually made visual.