Grolsch: Autumn campaign

Autumn campaign

For the autumn campaign of Grolsch we produced, commissioned by Gold Uber Connected, three commercials. The commercials are about three type of Grolsch beers: Rich Herfstbok, Matured Herfstbok and Winterbok.

In the commercials, we show that every type of autumn weather, is weather to enjoy. We filmed autumn leaves with a high speed camera to create an authentic autumn setting. The slowly waving leaves add an extra spheric and aesthetic dimension to the commercial.  

Due to the sharp timing of the commercial’s launch we were obliged to shoot the commercial in summer with the use of a green screen to create an autumnal scenery. 

The commercial shows various models of Lukkien Casting, the exclusive casting and model agency of Lukkien. Casting books models and actors exclusively for productions that are made by us and our database has become one of the largest in the Netherlands.